Shrek 2 (2004) Movie Review

Catherine BelyakovaJanuary 11, 2020

Shrek, the friendly green ogre, is going to the Kingdom of Far Far Away to meet the parents of Fiona, his new wife. If meeting the in-laws for the first time isn’t bad enough it just so happens that Fiona’s parents are the King and Queen of this distant land. In spite of his misgivings, Shrek, Fiona and their friend Donkey set off on their trip.

There’s trouble in store for Shrek when Fiona’s Fairy God Mother starts interfering. She is not happy about the marriage and reminds the King that Fiona was supposed to marry her son, Prince Charming…


This computer animated comedy sequel continues the adventures of the popular character Shrek. The first Shrek movie was a huge success. It was fun, entertaining, witty and cleverly made. It also achieved something that’s hard for movies of this type to do i.e. it appealed to both children and adults. It seems as if, in recent years, that an extra effort has been made to make movies that will appeal to children on one level and adults on another. The Shrek movies have certainly done this and humor for grown-ups is cleverly incorporated without detracting from children’s enjoyment. Everyone’s happy so long as the popcorn and jellies don’t run out!

In Shrek 2 there are plenty of new characters to keep things interesting. The meddling Fairy Godmother and the vain Prince Charming are funny. Puss In Boots is another great new character who has a lot of funny lines and is perhaps the best addition. Shrek’s sidekick, Donkey, who was popular in the first movie is still around and still has plenty of funny lines voiced by Eddie Murphy.

The fact that there are so many big names doing the voices for the animated characters is an indication of just how popular the movie is. It’s quite an impressive cast and their work on the voices is crucial to creating the characters and delivering the punch lines in the right tone. It’s amazing the way you can forget that you aren’t watching real characters!

Bottom Line: Clever, witty comedy, entertaining for kids and grown ups.

Lasting Thought: Same as the first movie – Don’t judge a person by his/her appearance.


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